Window Wednesday

Pacific proud 🌺 Throwback - AU Graduation day with my beloved Mum 🤍🕊️ People call my hometown the Polynesian capital of the world, and it’s because we have the largest residing population of pacific peoples combined in this, my country of birth, Aotearoa New Zealand. In 2010, the largest group of resident Pacific Island people’s …

Motivate-a-mate Monday – RAIN

Life is so very fleeting dear reader. As uncomfortable as rain is, trust in its purpose, let it play its part in the process, then be on its way. Make your own brand of hay while the sun shines. Work hard, laugh harder, love hardest. Make your peace and sprinkle that shizz everywhere you go. Remember that you don't have to accept any energy you don't need. Choose joy, choose yourself. We don't get to control the weather but all is well that ends well, so live well in the 🌨☀ , cherish your path and make every moment count🥰

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