Do or dodge

Colour is a vibe 🤙🏽🌈

About 40000 concert goers colour bombed our local streets yesterday in a rainbow haze of sequins, glitter and feather boas. It was so cool to see those celebratory vibes on a Tuesday.

Bright colours and lights have always been my faves, especially when used in celebrations like Poly fest, Holi, Carnival and Lantern festivals, to name a few. Driving past today, the only tell-tale signs of the magical night were cheerful little pops of vibrant feathers strewn along the curbs.

And with International Women’s day, I couldn’t help but reflect on how women of the past were also so bold and bright, to not only light up their paths but also leave a firm imprint of their trail blazing legacies so that all those walking the same path in the future, like you and me dear reader, could safely and successfully hold space for ourselves in some pretty tight spots that previously only the select elite few occupied.

For that and so many other proactive and pioneering actions shared from our ancestors combined, I am eternally grateful.🙏🏽 I also appreciate the ever increasing awareness around the need for equity amongst different groups in society.

Not too long ago, it was taboo in most modern societies to shine a light on inequalities and inequities that were so very deeply embedded in the roots of commonly accepted ideologies of the time.

I look to my kids and hope that there will still be pops of colour in the world for them to follow and celebrate in their future. Just saying, because every day, by way of deadly viruses, natural disasters, scorching, deadly chilling temps and everything in between, we are reminded of how precious and vulnerable our lives truly are. And if that’s not enough, NASA predicts the path of an asteroid is set to smash and impact on earth in 23 years time. Oi aue!Omg!

Universe gummon mate, catch us a break, lol! 😂 But seriously tho, are we low-key counting down now to whichever disaster comes first? Either our planet is going to have the biggest tanty of its life or an asteroid spazzing out on us, before any AI gets the chance to.

It’s definitely giving Titanic vibes, like us knowing when we’re gonna hit the iceberg and for the life of us we simply can’t dodge it. So then..? Prepare millions of life “boats”? Oh yeah and then there’s that small minute little detail of um where exactly are we going to park and chill in our ‘boats’ while the asteroid does its smash and grab thang?

I mean what can I say? I believe the word you might be looking for dear reader is… Sheeeeesh! 🤣🤣Anyway just another random thought today.

The future is bright

The fight for our future generations’ healthy and safe survival is on. Now. It’s do or dodge time. The latter not such a reliable option so…Now is the time to focus on what more we can do, and whatever that is, how can we do it stronger? Bolder. Brighter.Together.


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