Countdown – 25 days till Christmas

Daily Blog : 30 – Day Gratitude List

Day 2 : Today I smiled because

My boy who puts a smile on my dial 😊

Today I smiled because my seven-month old dog protected me and my daughter on our walk with him. So we were walking around the block and we came upon the corner Dairy. Next to this Dairy is a bakery, that has all sorts of yummy aroma’s wafting out of it. As we get closer I brace myself thinking that he’s gonna pull me toward the Dairy and Bakery but to my surprise, he stops dead-weight still and refuses to move closer or at all.

Usually with a click of the tongue he usually snaps out of his trance-like, deer-in-the-headlights stance, but this time he stayed rooted to the spot staring at two cars that were parked in front of the Dairy. We could not see who was in the cars but whatever he sensed, he was not down for it.    

Thankfully a car came around the corner and that jerked him into crossing the road and coming up behind the cars we finally saw up close that inside were not the ‘friendly’ type of guys, if ya know what I mean. Because we were out of their way by then, dog lost interest in them (or their scent) but it clicked to me later, just how intuitive he really was.

After getting back, I settled down to watch breaking news of a shooting incident that resulted in 4 cops being injured, 2 seriously injured after being shot at and the perpetrator passed. The News Reporter says that Coronavirus and related events surrounding it like the lockdown, job losses, and vaccine mandates, have all caused an increase in peoples’ anxiety and deep-seated frustration levels which is spurring on criminal activities like this shootout for example.

It dawns on me that my dog can sense these negative vibes and I’m really grateful that he did. I mix him a little bit of our dinner, spaghetti bolognaise into his bowl because it’s his favourite. Only a little though because despite him liking it, his tummy doesn’t like the garlic and onion rich sauce.

Watching him eat puts another smile on my face, 2 thankful souls  each to their own.

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