Countdown – 26 days till Christmas

Well it’s that time again, when you walk into a shop and Mariah Carey is singing about her Christmas list and tinsel is dripping from every ceiling. I counted the number of days until Christmas and was surprised that there are exactly 26 more days until the big day. Woop woop! So I woke up and put up my tree this morning and it looks sort of like this picture just without the baubles and star – yeah basically just the tree and some tinsel – slack, I know.

Luckily for me, my Health consciousness is better than my tree decorating skill. I’m starting a 26 day healthy eating (I don’t like to use the dirty word ‘diet’), fitness, meditation and blogging plan. It’s just a small challenge for myself until Christmas whereby I will reward myself by being ultimately just joyful.


Every day before I start the day and every night before I go to sleep, I plan to

  1. Pray with or without OR
  2. Meditate with the Mindfulmama App.

Healthy Eating

My whole healthy eating plan is based on the Keto diet whereby I

  1. Swap Carbs with Veges
  2. Use sweetener alternatives
  3. Swap Snacks with Dried fruit & nuts

  1. Daily walk & with the dog at least 30 mins per day OR
  2. Rainy Day Indoor workout for 30 mins

Daily Blogging

Daily blog featuring a 30-day gratitude list prompts from fellow blogger Show me simplicity 417

Also journalling about current events and low-key dailies with my famz.

Daily Blog : 30-day Gratitude List

Day 1 : I am grateful for…

Today I am grateful for my family’s health. It is really as simple as that. Ever since Covid-19 came about, my little family has avoided contracting it – knock on wood. I’m thankful to God, my guardian angels and all the lucky stars in the Universe for this good health and pray that this continues.

Just as we’re coming to grips with Delta, the variant Omicron from South Africa is on the rise and spreading globally, I can feel the ol’ anxiety nudging me with her elbow again, but what can we do? Well just got to keep moving forward carefully with caution and wait for more information.

One thing I do really hope is that the current vaccines are effective. I don’t know how I feel about boosters, I suppose time will tell, time will tell.

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