True that brother✊🏼

I’ve had a lot of visitors this year. Grief, Corona virus, anxiety, boredom, relief, thankfulness – just to name a few. It’s been hard and sometimes alarming when what makes a news headline one lockdown night is footage of a tussle between three grown as ladies over a jumbo pack of toilet paper…for real? For real.

I gotta say, any other day, and I’d have been laughing my butt off watching that but during covid times I think I remember actually pausing to go check how many packs I had at the time.

Through the haze of watching countless tik-toks and the aroma of cinnamon rolls, I couldn’t help but miss my parents so much and yet at the same time was so thankful that they aren’t around for it. I can’t imagine how I would be able to stay away from their house and not do something simple like share a meal with them.

So now that we are managing Covid relatively well in NZ (knock on wood) I am trying to think ahead again, make plans for 2021 albeit tentatively. The washing of hands is still so important to me when we visit the shops, eat out or arrive back home.

I took my baby to the Dr. more recently and despite there being no more mask wearing, people still socially distanced in the waiting room. While visiting at a hospital, the lift arrived and everyone stepped back as it emptied and then we spent a few awkward moments glancing around politely at each other, silently willing the other to go in first as if going in last decreased your chances of inhaling any potential coronavirus germs lingering in there.

In shops, people still wait on 2m distance dots on the floor when in a queue and use paywave only or use the corner of their eftpos/credit card to punch in pin numbers. Wow, how things have changed.

With Christmas only a week away, I’ve been thinking about my parents again and yeah.. this will be the first Christmas without them and I’m not going to lie, it’s going to be a bittersweet one for me.

I have to say though that along the way, I’ve stumbled across what I believe to be some of my very own earth angels that have helped me cope with so many different aspects of my life.

Some discreetly in the background, whilst others more upfront, close and honest. Some from my past, others I’ve just met this year during lockdown. I feel really blessed or as my dearest Mum used to say, “like a tree with many branches”. Assuming I’m the tree, I’ve got some pretty cool branches 😎🤙🏾

I truly am thankful for them, I hope they’ll come to know just how much so I’m sending these good vibes out into the universe and hope that somewhere and in some way my earth angel receive blessings for their good deeds and kisses to the sky for my 2 most precious angels of all and a very Merry Christmas to everyone!🎄🎊💝

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